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At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we have worked to create an environment that is both soothing and conducive to effective treatment. Driven by our unique model and goal to provide exceptional care, we have become the only private comprehensive cancer treatment facility in Southern California. By combining advanced treatment modalities and technologies, in a soothing environment with caring physicians and staff, we are able to provide maximum peace of mind for patients. While such things may seem like a luxury to some, here at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center we understand that a tranquil, stress-free environment is integral to the healing process. Read on to learn more about what makes us truly different than any other cancer care facility, and arguably the best cancer center in the world.

Our Private Treatment Center Compared to Hospitals

With the increasing demand for healthcare, hospitals face real challenges in delivering, personalized medical care. Due to sheer size and the high volume of patients they treat, hospitals do not always provide the most ideal environment for patients with conditions that require hands-on, highly-tailored care. Studies have actually shown that a relaxing and peaceful environment can be instrumental in the healing process. That's why we have worked to create an atmosphere that is wholly different from large-scale hospitals. Patients entering our center immediately encounter a noticeable difference. In contrast to the hospital environment, our aesthetic, compassionate and spa-like space is designed to create a calming treatment facility that is conducive to healing in every way. Additionally the personal approach of our warm, helpful staff creates an atmosphere that is different from what you may have come to expect at hospitals and other large and impersonal medical facilities.

Beverly Hills Cancer Center

Supportive and Caring Environment

While the treatment we provide is among the highest caliber in the field of cancer care, we have also taken time to pay attention to the care and attention given to each patient. By this, we mean the warmth and compassion that should accompany cancer care. Our professionals have the experience to know that effective treatment cannot be done without also acknowledging the human element. The atmosphere is supportive, with an entire support team behind your full recovery, doing whatever is necessary to cultivate the best outcome.

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State of the art facility

In our effort to provide the most effective and efficient cancer care, our center was built from the ground up, specifically designed with patients' needs in mind. Not only do we offer state-of-the-art technologies and advanced treatment options, the entire facility is designed to provide maximum comfort, convenience and efficiency during the process of cancer treatment. In the fight to cure cancer, accurate and rapid care is vital, and we have taken every measure to deliver swift, decisive treatment.

Cost Effective

While we do pride ourselves on offering the most advanced care in a private boutique environment, this does not mean that your care has to be more expensive. In fact our model actually allows us to provide the same services offered at major hospitals often at less expense to patients. Even those patients who rely on insurance for their medical care can find their services and treatments to be significantly less expensive at our facility than at a hospital, bringing them cost savings throughout their treatment.

One Centralized Location

Apart from the environmental drawbacks that come with the hospital experience, most hospital campuses require patients to travel to multiples offices located in several different buildings, each with separate departments and staff. In some cases, these buildings may be located in separate areas of the city and often require patients to travel to different locations with complex parking arrangements.

Conversely, our facility and services are completely centralized. That is to say — most testing, screening and treatment as well as necessary medical equipment, medical specialists and support staff exist right here onsite, within the walls of our center.

This fact eliminates the need for patients to travel from building to building or around the city for different components of their treatment and we are able to provide more effective and efficient care throughout the entire treatment process.

The services in our centralized center include a research and clinical trials program, chemotherapy treatment and infusion center, radiation therapy treatment center, laboratory, diagnostic imaging center accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) (including CT, MRI, PET/CT, bone scan, nuclear medicine and ultrasound), pharmacy and integrative and wellness services (nutritionist, psychosocial services, massage, acupuncture, etc).

Since the Beverly Hills Cancer Center offers a wide array of centralized services, and since we can get many test results back the same day, we have the ability to conduct testing, screening and start critical life-saving treatments all in one day, as opposed to the multiple days or even weeks that other facilities often require. Further, our faster test results and other similar benefits of centralized care all contribute to rapid diagnosis, swift treatment and an overall improvement in quality of care. We offer top quality, rapid and efficient care in a healing atmosphere, resulting in optimal outcomes and prognosis for our patients, which all of our patients deserve.

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Leading Clinical Trials

In the field of cancer care, clinical trials can sometimes be the deciding factor in a full recovery. At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we are at the forefront of cancer research and conduct some of the most groundbreaking and leading clinical trials in the world. Due to this we can offer patients opportunities to participate in cutting-edge treatments that offer new hope in the fight against cancer.

A Dynamic Team of Specialists

The physicians at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center are at the top of their respective fields. We have board certified physicians in their specialties, with a record of pioneering new techniques to enhance cancer treatment. Whether it is medical oncology, radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging or hematology, we have experts who are trained solely in that field, and in all types of cancer.

At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, they come together to deliver a level of care that is only possible with a multidisciplinary team working towards the same goal. Patients are often seen by multiple specialists at the same time to coordinate and implement complex treatments and make important health care decisions.

Our facility is built on a foundation of consolidation — including all key aspects of cancer care under one single roof. While this certainly applies to the advanced equipment and soothing environment, it also dictates how we choose our team of doctors. We are proud to have the necessary disciplines to handle the challenges of cancer treatment.

Doctors at Beverly Hills Cancer Center

Concierge medical support

As a leader in cancer care, we strive to provide services that reach far beyond actual treatment and imaging. Because of this, we have a medical concierge service, catering to any possible needs that our patients have. These include 24/7 access to your concierge physician, extended visits with your physician, same-day appointments, results and treatments, including after hours and weekends. For more information read about our full concierge medical services.

For our friends from abroad, we also offer destination medical care to international travelers with all concierge services necessary to ensure safety and comfort during travel and treatment. These services include translation services, medical escorts during travel and assistance with booking accommodations, transportation and travel arrangements. Learn more here about our care for international patients.

Summarizing the Difference

Each member of our team of specialists and support staff is completely dedicated to the well-being of our patients. We work together with a passion to help others heal and achieve a better quality of life. Every aspect of our facility was designed and created with you in mind. Your care is simply too important to be slowed or degraded by inefficiencies and unneeded stress. That is why we here at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center set out to build a new model to change the face of cancer treatment. We are proud to have helped countless patients through their fight with cancer and are here to do the same for you. Please call us today to find out more about our comprehensive services and how we can help you.

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Your health is important, and we welcome the opportunity to help you heal.

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