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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Gabayan is truly an angel. Thank you so so so much for being extremely caring and considerate during this hard time for my mom going through cancer. His bedside manners are so professional and you deserve a standing ovation for answering all of our concerns/questions. He took the time to listen, and hear me out. He is really a blessing to this facility and I would give him triple 5 stars!!!!! God bless Thank you again Beverly Hills Cancer Center!!!!

- Sanora V.

Hi Reese,
First I would like to say THANK YOU to you and everyone at Beverly Hills Cancer Center for the absolute highest quality care and understanding I received during the past year while being treated, the entire team share in saving my life. Dr. Eli and Dr. Ari have an amazing capacity for helping people along with a truly world class facility, there is no higher calling.

During my appointment with Dr. Eli on November 21 we discussed my returning in 6 months for follow up testing. What would work best for me would be to schedule an appointment for my full body PET/CT scans and full blood panel on May 28th, or May 29th, 2020 along with an appointment with Dr. Ell on June 4th or 5 2020. Hard to put into words how I feel about all the amazing help I have received and again just want to share my success with all of you. See you all in 2020.
Cheers to my Beverly Hills Family,

- Matthew Kosek

Dear Sir / Madame:
I am writing this letter of commendation with unfettered total admiration and support of The Beverly Hills Cancer Center. After being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer I had my initial meeting with David Berz, MD, Ph.D., MPH and proceeded to my scheduled radiation treatment with Ari Gabayan, MD. Both are extraordinary men and doctors with profound expertise and integrity, each operating under a collaborative fountainhead of knowledge, care, and genuine simpatico. Their support staff always providing a positive and friendly daily contact relationship.

From the moment I first walked into BHCC, I was treated with kindness, respect and professional distinction. As I would learn from the many hours I spent in the company of other patients, the level of one’s insurance or specific carrier does not affect the manner in which you are treated at BHCC, in fact, the care received and administered is blind to any bureaucratic hindrances. This is a key distinction for any patient, no matter of what socioeconomic origin. I spend much time outside the United States, and I am familiar with the benefits of medical care in alternate regions of the world. Many patients choose to have treatment outside of the US due to the nightmarish pitfalls ingrained in the medical and insurance systems stateside. BHCC completely altered my opinion related to medical care here, and I can say I have never seen or experienced such positive and effective cross pollinated practice and treatment under one institutional roof anywhere worldwide.

Cancer is unknown territory to those of us whom are initially stricken with its potential devastating short and long term malady. The family you make whilst in the company of those with whom you share your disease is a collaborative parcel that serves to provide you with the fuel to heal. One’s success ratio is clearly rooted in each doctor’s expert application of treatment, advice and “bedside manner” as applied to the patient. One might easily draw a line to cure effectiveness by the subtleties of treatment received through one’s personal daily contact with each doctor, technician, and administrator. From the person who answers the phone to the most intimate one-on-one meetings you engage with your doctor, this is where BHCC has achieved the most exemplary level of success. Simply put, they take the time to care, so you have the confidence to heal.

There is a mystery as to how long any of us will sustain our lives, and I believe the time invested in treatment is a shared benefit derived from the patients with whom you are surrounded and the doctors who guide your path to a successful outcome of healing. Each patient I encountered, no matter how much or little pain they were in all spoke intimately and highly of the doctors, and overall institutional ambiance. This is a rare accomplishment indeed, because patients do not hide their feelings with each other. So with unbridled applause to the doctors and staff, and to all of the strangers who seek special and loving care, please feel the utmost confidence and authentic embrace of this distinguished institution.

- Anthony J. Cinciripini

Dear Suite 200 Team Chemo!

Thank you all for your immense support, happy humanity and strength. You are on the front lines of this battle; with your caring expertise and no-doubt hard-won experience. It must be very tough doing what you do; this personal connection at the very line between life and death.

Your triumph is everything you've done, and do, in your lives; so important and transcendent in the spirit you bring to all of us who come to this room. When I come here, to your fully-equipped (nicely decorated!) combat zone, I feel each of your individual powers -- that the Big C is instantly small and has no unified chance.

You are the most important of our earthly angels, thanks for bringing it every day!

In the spring of 2019, I underwent eight weeks of radiation for prostate cancer. Treatments of this nature is a major challenge, physically and emotionally. The employees at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center did a remarkable job. I give them my highest recommendation.

In particular, I would like to single out Robert Rosales, Kevin Ganzon, Andrew Budd and Maryna. Each individual possesses an extraordinary blend of humanity and professional excellence. They couldn't have been more pleasant, more efficient, more dedicated or more sincere. They are fine human beings and experts in their field. The general attitude of a company is established by those who run it. Dr. Ari Gabayan was the man overseeing my treatment. He did an outstanding job. He has built a great team of specialists at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center. All my interactions with Dr. Ari were pleasant. He is a gifted physician, a top notch communicator and a good man. No one wants to undergo radiation. If you do have to go down that path, there isn't a better place to do it than the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

— J.M.

I would like to thank Dr. Berez she has shown me compassion and understanding. He not only cares about my breast cancer he also cares about me as a whole. He cares about my thought process end my mind. He is a brilliant human being and is brilliant in his cancer research. I feel as though I have hit the jackpot with Dr. Berz. I would just like to think him for everything he has done for me and I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends. Thank you so much Dr. Berz

— B.J.

Dr Ari,
I would like to take this time to express a huge thank you to Dr. Ari Gabayan, and the staff of Beverly Hills Radiation Therapy dept; especially Maryann, Kevin, and Andrew for exemplary care. Their compassion, understanding and explanation of treatment was top notch!

The front desk staff always have a smile for patients coming into your facility; that is tremendous in alleviating the stress and anxiety that one has with all that is required to go through and conquer this dreaded "C" diagnonsis.

— Alma A.

Dr Ari,
I went to see my gastroenterologist today (post your treatment), he was delighted to tell me that there's no sign of cancer anywhere in the body, even though the report implies possible pneumonia in left lung, so ...thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

I owe my life to you both!!
— PZ

Beverly Hills Cancer Center

Patient Testimonials Beverly Hills Cancer Center

In March, 2013, I was diagnosed with melanoma. After two surgeries, my surgeon recommended that I see an oncologist for treatment of this problem.

Since my first visit, I felt very comfortable. The doctor gave me the peace that I need looking forward: my options, and my treatments. His empathy touched us. During my treatment, he constantly checks me, and controls my side effects.

The Beverly Hills Cancer Center is an excellent place with a positive energy. The personnel treat the patients with a good attitude, respect and kindness. They want to be sure that everyone is receiving good care, positive thoughts and laughs, in this difficult time of our life.

— Claudia C. (pictured)

Dear Ari and Eli,
I came to you with the hope that you could cure my cancer – and you did.

What you also did that is even more rare is that you healed my heart and soul.

Together let's see if we can encourage more doctors to follow your exquisite example, and treat the whole patient, not just their malady.
With eternal gratitude,

— Lee T.

Beverly Hills Cancer Center Testimonials

Beverly Hills Cancer Center Testimonials

I want to share the truly incredible experience I had at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center with anyone looking for cancer care. Every single person, I encountered during my treatment here, from the staff to the doctors, was knowledgeable and helpful and truly cared for me — completely the opposite of what I experienced at the hospitals I visited back home in France.

I was recently diagnosed with Leukemia (CLL). I was so terrified, because Leukemia means cancer. I went to 3 French hospitals and they told me they could not do anything. I did not understand their answers or why they could not do anything or any treatment so I decided to learn about my Leukemia for myself.

I called my very close friend in California, who I have known for over 30 years, and he told me to go to the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, since they are known to be the best cancer treatment facility with the best doctors, and they will probably give me different solutions.

I called and they gave me an appointment with Dr. Eli Gabayan. Dr. Gabayan listened to me as I talked to him about my great fears and worries. He was so comforting and knowledgeable, and I don't know if he knows it, but his face and attitude relaxed me and made me feel secure. I asked him a lot of questions and he answered all of them in depth, which was very important to me. He was patient and caring, and I felt like he understood everything about me and what I needed, from treating my cancer to simply making me feel better and less scared about everything. In France, the doctors would just respond to me by saying "we don't know," which is the wrong answer to hear when you have Leukemia. You are scared for your life and you want to hear about being cured! Dr. Gabayan presented me with a few different treatment options that were specifically for me. I set up my appointment to start treatment and could not be happier with my decision. I was also impressed overall with the beautiful center and how easy they made everything for me, including help with getting a visa, and even help with getting 80% of my treatment covered by my French insurance company! I have already recommended 4 people in France with CLL to go to Beverly Hills Cancer Center. I could not be more thankful.

— Nicolas M
Travelled from France for treatment

Dear Linnea
Three weeks ago was able to attend Josh’s (my son’s) wedding in Cabo, to the loveliest possible gal (in beige), My daughter is in blue. It was the most wonderful time of my life. My kids are grown and great! I never imagined I would live to see it, and am ever so grateful to you for allowing that to happen. What a miracle! What a joy!!

Hope you and your family have the best holidays!!

Thank you and love,
— Nancy

Beverly Hills Cancer Center Testimonials

Beverly Hills Cancer Center

Dear Dr. Gabayan,
I wanted to thank you once again for being the same person I knew when we were kids. Your support has been of outmost comfort to me and my wife as well as my brother. Your staff at every step has been nothing but stellar. Their care, attentiveness, gentleness and manners is beyond ones' expectations. I am so proud to see what you have accomplished as a doctor. Thank you and talk to you soon....


God give you strength, peace and health.

Dear Dr. Berz,
Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the wonderful care & treatment.

Thanks to you I am doing very well; healthy, working out back to my normal self. Reconstruction was a challenge but with the care of great doctors, it was accomplished and I feel like my whole self again.

Best to you always,
— R

Both Eli and Ari Gabayan are phenomenal doctors who have taken care of my father's very rare cancer. My entire family has met the oncology team and we are always impressed with their cordial nature, the detail of work, the follow ups; and, of course the radiation treatment.

If God forbid we had another family member with cancer; we could easily come back here, without question. The team of Capiendo and Essner along with the Gabayan brothers are the Dream Team of Surgery and Oncology.

— TT

We first saw Dr. Eli Gabayan at Cedars Sinai, and then at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center. Dr. Eli Gabayan is both a blood and cancer specialist as he is a hematologist and oncologist. Dr. Eli Gabayan resolved the problems my father was having with the blood thinner he was taking for his cardiac condition, and treated him for the prostate cancer he latter developed.

My father had no side effects to the radiation treatment he received at the Beverly Hills Caner Center, and we both felt very comfortable there as it is a lovely office with a great staff.

Dr. Ari Gabayan also treated my father, and is an excellent oncologist. We were blessed to have had Dr. Eli and Ari Gabayan in our lives.

— John B.

I was pleasantly surprised to have discovered Dr. Gabayan and his staff. I found his office to be warm, comforting and friendly on my first visit and every subsequent visit. As a 2 time cancer survivor I've see a lot of doctors, I had many tests and many treatments for a host of issues.

Dr. Gabayan has a beautiful office in Beverly Hills. His waiting room is comfortable and calming. The staff is very efficient and friendly. Dr. Gabayan is very thorough and a knowledgeable Oncologist. Medicine is a family business for the Gabayan's as he occasionally works with his Brother. I'm grateful to have found him.

—Krystal T.

There are doctors and then there are healers. Dr Chap is a healer.

Starting from when I called into the office, very frightened and in a fragile state, I was told it was a 2-3 week wait to see Dr Chap but seeing as i was in a very bad emotional place, Dr Chap made extra time at the end of a very long day to see me withing a couple of days to meet. My appointment was not rushed or hurried in any way and she sat with me for quite some time to listen to my concerns and previous negative experience at the previous oncologist appointment. The meeting ended with a hug.

Treatment was rough, as chemo is not a pleasant process, but Dr Chap made visits as pleasant as possible and the infusion nurses were kind and gentle - always attentive to how I was feeling and what I needed while I was there. One particular nurse (whose initials are M.B.) was my favorite as she was kind, gentle and has the heart of a healer as well. Every time I go back for lab work, I pop in to see her and give her a hug for being so good to me.

The other nurses and staff are equally as great.

Lastly, the office as a whole is a very beautiful and soothing environment, visually. It does not look like a cancer treatment center or infusion clinic or hospital. It honestly looks like a medical spa. The first time I went in to see the place, I half expected to see someone getting a mani-pedi or reiki session. So for those who need a soothing non-clinical looking environment, this center is perfect.

Of course every office has a few glitches now and again and I have had just a couple of issues I had to deal with but those problems seemed to have been eliminated shortly after they happened so the office is now a very well oiled machine.

— Misbah S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Chap's for the past 8 years living with stage 4 Metastatic breast cancer. And I couldn't ask for a better oncologist to oversee my medical case.

She has been not only my doctor, but my friend and personally, I feel that is really important. Because where you are treated becomes your "home away from home" essentially and Dr. Chap and her staff make it feel just like that! They have an approach that enhances and enriches patients quality of life supporting alternative and integrative therapy options. Which is critically important to me when choosing integrative treatments to try and survive. Thanks Dr. Chap and BHCC team for helping keep me alive for so long. I am deeply grateful.

—Stefanie L.

I highly recommend Dr. Chap. She has been my doctor for nearly 15 years. She is extremely competent and very caring. She takes her time with her patients and is very thorough. I would recommend that anyone diagnosed with any type of breast cancer call for a consultation with Dr. Chap.

—Liz R.

I am sharing my tremendous appreciation with you for the care I received at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center for my prostrate cancer. Dr. Ari Gabayan and the entire staff treated me like family Each & Every day for 9 weeks!

Thank you for removing the tumor and ensuring my father is cancer free. The building provides valet service and parking is around $18 for your appointment.

Everyone made me feel very loved and well cared for at all levels of my radiation & hyperthemia treatments. If indeed you need to receive healing for your cancer this is by far THE BEST Choice you can make. Please know this comes from my heart and I am very thankful to have located the Beverly Hills Cancer Center as the protocols available are the best available here. Don't hesitate any longer as you need to be in charge of your cancer. Blessings and wellness as you pursue your options at this very special place.

— Deb W.

Dr. Afshin Eli Gabayan saved my husband's life. For that, we are forever grateful. Since November 2013, my husband was experiencing severe gout attacks. In February 2014, I finally managed to drag him to a gout specialist who took his blood samples.

When we saw the results, the doctor suspected that there was something wrong with his blood. He referred us to see Dr. Eli Gabayan simply because he is the best in this field. In March 5, 2014, my husband was diagnosed with Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). Dr. Gabayan explained what further steps we would need to take. His PA Daisy is a sweetheart! Everytime we ask her for something, she really gets things done. I am happy to say that 1 month later, April 16, 2014; my husband's blood test was normal. His leukemia is currently in remission. Thank you Dr. Gabayan!

— Rianne A.

Dr. Gabayan is the best!!! My mom was diagnosed with throat cancer last year. When Dr Gabayan saw her the first time he noticed her cancer was really bad so started working he's magic right away and said chemotherapy and radiation at the same time would be best. My mom has finished her sessions and is cancer free now. Thank God and Dr Gavayan at the Beverly Hills Cancer!!!

— Bryan G.

The team here helped me to cure my Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 4 months! The doctor is a fantastic oncologist. I couldn't be more indebted to this place.

— VD

There are no words to describe my appreciation for you. Not only are you a brilliant doctor but you are a person first. You treat me as if I were family & your only patient. Your prompt responses to my texts always amaze me. Your knowledge, warmth, compassion, caring & kindness are limitless.

From the moment I met you, I felt confident that I'd get well. You made it very easy for me to feel completely comfortable & at ease. Your words and attitude have always been positive which made my being positive effortless.

I feel so fortunate & blessed that I found you & you wonderful Center. Along w/ Dr. Ari & his team, the techs (Kevin, Tim, Vinny, Maybelline, etc.) You, the nurses & every member of your team, helped me achieve remission. I love everything about Beverly Hills Cancer Center. Renee goes above & beyond every single time. There is simply not a “no” in her vocabulary. I know there are so many others that deserve a mention, but I'm at a loss. One of the most amazing things I experience is having blood work &/or scans, then meeting w/ Dr. on the same day to receive results.

You are my hero & always will be.

With much gratitude, love, & respect,
— PB

Dear Dr. Ari Gabayan,
I can't thank you enough for saving my life & getting me into remission along w/ your incredible staff. You are a brilliant doctor, but more importantly, you are a person first. You truly exude warmth & kindness. I feel you treat me as if I were your only patient, along with your incredible staff of techs, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to make sure I was well taken care of. I truly know how you agonized over the proper radiation regimen & whether to target 1 or 2 tumors. You made it possible for me to only go through 1 round of radiation. You surprised me on day 1 saying you along w/ your colleagues found a pathway to target 2 tumors at once. That saved me 5 days on radiation, which is why I'm pretty certain my lymphoma hasn't worsened. What a wise and thoughtful decision that was.

I believe that's one of the many things that make you such an amazing doctor. You address me as a person, & not just a patient or a number.

Every time I see you whether for an appointment or simply passing each other in the building, your warm smile, gentle manner, & kindness brighten up my day.

I feel so fortunate & blessed that I found you. It was nice of you to check up on me with your phone calls more than once & of course, every time I am there, you always ask me about how I'm feeling. I truly appreciate everything you do.

With much gratitude & respect,
— PB

Dr. Gabayan,
I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and genuine with me and my family. I truly appreciate it. It is refreshing to be in the company of such a heart filled person like yourself.

— GK

We will not miss the drive, but we will miss all the amazing staff you have there. Your clinic has been such a blessing to us - thanks so much!!!! Not sure when my next follow up will be with you - but you can't get rid of me that easily! :-)

— EB

I want to make one correction to your Cancer Center, we are people, not everyday patients. The time and talent is just awesome. I didn't feel like a patient, I felt like someone special. The honesty and treatment by everyone gave me the strength to keep going.


I wanted to thank you for helping Mark with your radiation and chemo. He was able to meet his granddaughter, now 3 months old, and that meant so much to him and his daughter.

Best wishes always,
— EC

Dear Dr. Gabayan,
If you ever find yourself wondering why I didn't have many questions for you on Tuesday…It is because I have complete faith in your dedication to healing. I am very fortunate to be your patient. Thank you for saving my life.

— RW

Doc, let your front office staff know they make a difference too.

Last week after scans for my Gallbladder, I asked for a blanket while in the waiting room. The lady smiled, stood up immediately and said she would take care of that right now.

A simple blanket was all i need to help with the chills. Its not easy to ask for help, as I have been healthy the majority of my life. It's a lot easier to accept when it is given with a smile.

— J. G.

Dearest Eli Gabayan and Ari Gabayan,
I sincerely do not know how to begin so I'll Start with THANK YOU!

After radiation to my lungs in February-March of 2012 at your center, I became very confused with the scans following radiation which were so uncertain they confused even you. Shortly after the radiation, sometime in May, 2012 I was unable to walk from my bedroom to my bathroom (less than 75 feet) without gasping for breath. I had no idea this was coming so it terrified me. Peter Boasberg placed me on oxygen immediately and I had to remain on that for over one and a half years. During that time I thought this was my new way of life or nearing the end of my life. Some pulmonary doctors stated I would be on it for the rest of my life; however, I fooled them!! For over two years now, I have been in remission and the last ten months oxygen free!!!

During my fearful times, while on constant oxygen, I may have said some things that were unkind and lacked appreciation. I would like to apologize for any hurtful things said out of sheer pain and/or fear. And I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finally balancing my medical condition. I no longer take chemo or have pain and I feel relaxed again and able to concentrate.

You have a magnificent, high-tech, cutting-edge clinic and I am so happy to end the drama of my health condition through your services. Please accept my apologies and know how grateful I am to both of you.

— JO

I am thrilled to have found the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

I was diagnosed with Melanoma which had metastasized 5 months ago. I have completed my treatments with very few minor side effects and dramatic results! My doctor is brilliant, caring, kind and universally renowned for his knowledge of Melanoma treatments. He has saved my life. His nurse and the entire staff at the Clinic are kind, professional and caring and the Clinic is efficient, spacious, immaculate and very pleasant to visit. I highly recommend that anyone with cancer visit the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

— N.C.

I adore my doctor and have been seeing him since he was that St. John's Hospital in Angeles clinic. I much prefer the Beverly Hills Cancer Center to anyplace else I have been seen by him because they're really nice, efficient, caring and know what they're doing. I feel so blessed to be seeing the doctor there.

— Nancy B.

I have known Dr. Chap for about 10 years and not as one of her patients. One of my closest friends has been in Dr Chap's care for Breast Cancer for the past 10 years. She and her staff have always been very diligent and caring with my friend. I have missed very few appointments and all that I have attended Dr. Chap greets with a big hugs and gives my friend the floor. I am always impressed by the relationship, she remembers personal things that you would never think a busy doctor would ever retain.

Dr. Chap is very diligent with the treatment schedules to the point of calling my friend if she goes beyond the scheduled appointment time. She partners well with her patients-helping to give them strong positive attitudes and lays it all on the line in her special way when the news isn't so good. My friend has had two occurrences and I thank Dr. Chap for taking such good care of her.

— Peggy T.

I can't say enough about my doctor and his PA at this center!!

My mom was diagnosed earlier this year with melanoma and this team has been a lifesaver, literally! Besides always feeling comfortable that you were receiving the best treatment and care possible they also turned a horrible experience into something less daunting and scary. If you have to get melanoma, there is no better place to be than here! Thank you Doctor and Beverly Hills Cancer Center!!

— K.H.

Dr. Linnea Chap saved my life nine years ago.

Her knowledge and understanding of breast cancer treatment is astounding, matched by her unfailing ability to lessen the anxiety that goes hand in hand with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Brilliant, kind and funny, she listens with keen attention and shoots straight, but never in a scary way. Despite a tough prognosis, it has been 8 years since I completed chemotherapy and radiation. I continue to see Dr. Chap every few months and feel grateful to be under her watchful care. Only two words describe Linnea Chap: The Best!

— Peggy S.

Have been a patient of Dr. Linnea Chap's for 4 1/2 yrs and couldn't ask for a more caring and knowledgeable oncologist.

She always takes the time to make sure you are comfortable with any treatment and that all questions have been answered and understood. She made my husband and I feel less anxious about my care and diagnosis. The staff at BHCC are very polite and treat you as an individual not just a number. I go for follow up visits every few months and look forward to seeing Dr Chap, she is just the best. Thanks to her I'm now cancer free!

— Dan S.

I am very pleased to write this letter of gratitude for the Beverly Hills Cancer Center representatives, who in this hard and special period of my life with health problems took care of me.

I appreciate (my doctor's) high quality professional skills as an oncologist, her nurturing demeanor, her delightful, gregarious personality, and her persistence to encourage and help the patient to overcome the obstacles to defeat the disease. I trusted her with all my heart as I started my radiation treatment, and I am full of optimism for my future because of her. My radiation therapists are bright and always smiling, ready to help with any of my requests. The medical assistants were also there to come and help me for anything, for both minor and big problems. Finally, I can't not mention the Radiation and Imaging Services bright supervisor and his organization skills, who put together all parts of mechanism of my treatment with delicate and professional ability.

I can't find words to express what I am feeling now when I am writing this letter. I thank all of you for the loving care and attention that I received in your Center.
Thank you!!!

— Gagik H.

Dear Dr. Gabayan,
I have been overwhelmed, as has been my brother, with your kindest efforts on his behalf. You have exhibited exemplary nobility of spirit, as well as dedication, for which we are immensely grateful.

I close by wishing you all good things, and a happy and prosperous New Year.

— H.Y.

I am a thrilled patient of Doctors Eli and Ari Gabayan.
I was diagnosed with throat cancer last September. After seeking treatment at UCLA, USC and other institutions, all of which advised that I required what I would call devastating surgery, I found my way to Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

Dr. Gabayan made no promise but he said he thought he could help me and there was another option. After chemotherapy infusions coupled with Thermal Therapy the results have been amazing.

I wanted to give you an update as I now have a substantial amount of information since my visit today. The PET/CT Scans came back with 95+% of the cancer gone. There has been no spread anywhere in my body. Dr Eli was quite happy and said the cancer was almost undetectable.

I then met with an ENT that Dr. Ari recommended. She did a scope through my mouth and nose and took pictures. She said that the tumor is now completely gone, there is no trace of it any more. Could not be better news!

There is no doubt in my mind that the combination of Chemotherapy + Thermal Therapy has had simply a stunning impact on my health and potential recovery. 3 months ago my outlook was bleak, now I am almost speechless with this latest great news and reports.

Do yourself a favor and visit with BHCC if you seek cancer treatment, I could not be more pleased and thankful.

— Michael C.

Dear Dr. Gabayan,
If you ever find yourself wondering why I don't have many questions for you on Tuesdays...it is because I have complete faith in your dedication to healing.

I am very fortunate to be your patient. Thank you for saving my life.

— R. W. 2012

My Mom loves coming to see you and your staff. I suppose at the root of that is somewhat of an oxymoron….hate the cancer, love the cancer doctor.

All that you all do with your compassion, joy, humor, and tenderness help her to have the wonderful mental attitude that she keeps. And no matter the outcome, I will never be able to thank you enough for giving her these moments of happiness. She's had damned few of them throughout her life and yet stays a bright and optimistic person.

People like you fuel the beautiful fire in her soul. My sincerest and most heartfelt appreciate will always be yours.

— N. M.

Dear Dr. Chap,
It's almost been 9 years married and now we have our beautiful son Kyle. It was a while ago that I was unsure what the future held for me...

I remember you telling me, 'No, you can't wait to start chemo after your wedding!'

I made it through with you! I appreciate you!

Now we are moving on to a new adventure in Washington State.

I will miss you. Love,
— S. W.

Dear Doctor,
Thank you so much for your staff's gracious, thorough care of me. The efficiency of everyone was remarkable… doubly so after my diagnosis here! Everything was so quickly facilitated for my short time frame and this did NOT go unnoticed. Conrad and I are so very appreciative! Plus, the diagnosis I came away with was literally delightful! My heart is still light with it.

If you ever come to Kauai, let us take you out to dinner. Mahalo nui loa. Thank you from the heart!

Much Aloha,
— C. P.

Thank for squeezing me in yesterday, Tuesdays following a holiday weekend are always extra busy, I remember from working at the hyperbaric and wound care center.

Doc, thanks for getting me to Dr E and down the road of some plumbing repair! Your support staff, as always, was on top of the details and the carry through. I am sure someone lost a full lunch break during my CT Scan. Please pass along my thanks.

I hope if you guys are even in need of care, you get the kind you have been given to your patients. Thanks again, I feel fortunate to be under the BHCC team care!!!

— J. B.

Dr. Linnea Chap saved my life nine years ago.
Her knowledge and understanding of breast cancer treatment is astounding, matched by her unfailing ability to lessen the anxiety that goes hand in hand with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Brilliant, kind and funny, she listens with keen attention and shoots straight, but never in a scary way.

Despite a tough prognosis, it has been 8 years since I completed chemotherapy and radiation. I continue to see Dr. Chap every few months and feel grateful to be under her watchful care.

Only two words describe Linnea Chap: The Best!
— P. S.

My sister has her first appt. with you this Tuesday. She is so grateful for the incredible team of specialists that she has been working with.

Her diagnosis and surgery for melanoma was very recent and a total shock to family and friends. She has been struggling to decide on the appropriate course of treatment.

As you know, this is a lonely, frightening time. She is trying to remain hopeful and positive, but so far the options for treatment have left her feeling defeated. She is grateful beyond reason to have this appointment with you. They are referring to you as the 'Melanoma God'.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the incredible work and devotion you show your patients, and the time you have given to cancer research through drug trials.

God Bless You!
— A. B.

I have been blessed with the people and services provided here.

— J. A.

I love all of the staff, and the doctor so much! I look forward to my treatments and because everyone is so caring, and they make a scary scenario a breeze. You all rock!

— S. B.

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