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The Beverly Hills Cancer Center strives to provide you with the best cancer treatment available. In addition to our impressive roster of doctors and staff, we have built our physical space around the patient and his or her needs, maximizing the level of care that goes into each and every person who comes through our doors.

To help provide our patients with complete quality care, we have an in-house pharmacy. It may appear to be simply for convenience purposes, and it certainly does serve that function—our patients don’t have to drive all over town to have prescriptions filled.

Beyond the convenience is a critical factor: speed of treatment. The philosophy behind the Beverly Hills Cancer Center is the consolidation of all treatment components, including radiation therapy, imaging services, chemotherapy. This arrangement allows for faster treatment, which translates to faster results.

The inclusion of a pharmacy on our premises furthers this philosophy, not only giving our patients ease and accessibility, but also ensuring their treatment takes place at the fastest rate possible. Faster action means better results, and this fulfills our purpose of giving you the best cancer treatment available.

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