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At Beverly Hills Health Center we offer personalized concierge medical services catered to each person's specific needs. Whether you have traveled to our Center internationally or live locally, our concierge medical services will meet your individual preferences and needs - and enhance your care to the highest level.

Some benefits of our exclusive concierge medical services include:

  • 24 x 7 access to your concierge physician, by cell phone and email
  • Physician consultations, medical testing and treatment at your home, hotel, or workplace, for increased convenience and privacy
  • Same day or expedited (within 24 hours) appointments, service and treatment - including afterhours and weekends
  • Extended visits with your physician
  • Same day results (including most imaging and laboratory tests)
  • Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, coordinated treatment
  • Executive screenings and physicals
  • Preventive medicine
  • Customized physicals and health screenings geared to each person based on their personal risk factors (including medical history, family and genetic history, and lifestyle)
  • Private treatment rooms with personal computers and entertainment

Traveling and International Patients

For traveling and international patients, in addition to offering the top destination medical care, we also provide other concierge services including:

  • Interpreter/translation services at your request
  • Assistance with visa facilitation
  • Discounted airfare and rates at local, high end hotels and residences
  • Assistance with booking hotels, airfare and other travel arrangements
  • Private limousine and transportation services from your hotel. Personal transportation to and from the airport (LAX)
  • Private medical escorts while traveling by air or ground (including travel assistance, oxygen, in-flight medication)
  • Travel arrangements by private jet
  • Entertainment ideas for patients, as well as for visiting family and friends

For more information about our concierge medical services in the Greater Los Angeles County area of Southern California, please contact Sharon at 310-432-8925 or send a secure email.

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