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Testicular cancer is located in the testicles in male patients. The testicles are the part of male anatomy that produces sex hormones and sperm for reproductive purposes. Testicular cancer is quite rare compared to other cancers, but is the most common cancer in males between 15 and 34, it can be detected by receiving a testicular cancer screening. The Beverly Hills Cancer Center is able to diagnosis and provide testicular cancer treatment in Los Angeles.


Signs and symptoms of testicular cancer can include:

  • A lump or small bulge in the testicle
  • Scrotum feeling heavy
  • Dull ache in lower abdomen or groin area
  • Pain in a testicle
  • Enlarged testicle

Testicular cancer usually affects only one testicle. If you notice any of the above symptoms, including swelling or lumps, make an appointment with your doctor for testicular cancer screening and diagnosis. You can find comfort in knowing that at Beverly Hills Cancer Center, you will be amongst highly skilled and exprienced physicians in testicular cancer treatments in Los Angeles

Testing and Diagnosis

In many cases, men will discover testicular cancer on their own, usually by detecting a tangible lump in their testicles. Otherwise your doctor may discover it while doing a testicular cancer screening.

To fully determine if initial lumps are cancerous, your doctor may perform one or both of the following exams:

  • Ultrasound, to create an image of the testicles within the scrotum. This will allow the doctor to determine the exact nature of the lump.
  • Blood tests may be used to determine the level of tumor markers in the blood.
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Once you have received a testicular cancer screening, the exact type of cancer is determined, and the treatment plan can be established. There are two basic forms of testicular cancer:

Seminoma, which can occur at any age. Seminoma tumors are not as destructive as their counterpart, nonseminoma tumors, and are also very sensitive to radiation therapy.

Nonseminoma tumors generally occur at an earlier age and spread swiftly. These are also sensitive to radiation therapy, although not as sensitive as seminoma tumors. In the case of nonseminoma tumors, chemotherapy is a more effective tool, and one of the most effective methods of testicular cancer treatment in Los Angeles.

Effective treatment options for testicular cancer include:

  • Surgery to remove the affected testicle. In this case, the testicle is removed completely through an incision in the groin. The scrotum stays in place, and a testicular implant may be inserted if the patient chooses. Surgery may also be performed to remove the lymph nodes in the groin. Any testicular surgery carries side effects, and the doctor will be able to answer any questions that arise.
  • Radiation therapy is an effective treatment option for seminoma tumors in the testicles. It may also be used in certain nonseminoma cases. This radiation therapy uses focused energy beams to eliminate cancerous cells and may be done in conjunction with other treatment options.
  • Chemotherapy may be used to eliminate cancer cells that have migrated into other parts of your body. This option for testicular cancer treatment is frequently recommended at our private Los Angeles facility following surgery to prevent recurrence and manage cancer symptoms.

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