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Customized Cancer Screening And Prevention Program

Beverly Hills Cancer Center is empowering people to take charge of their health-through the power of prevention!

A proponent of cancer screening in Los Angeles and prevention, we offer unique cancer screening and prevention programs customized at our private Los Angeles facility to meet the special needs of each person, based on their risk factors. This includes in-depth genetic testing based on your family history.

After scheduling a consultation with one of our physicians for a physical examination, and to assess the risk of developing cancer based on each individual person's particular medical history, family and genetic history, and lifestyle habits (such as smoking, diet, and exercise), each person will be provided with a set of custom designed cancer screening tests at our Los Angeles facility.

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Your custom test “prescription” may include laboratory tests, imaging (CT scan, MRI, PET/CT scan, or bone scan), and/or other personalized recommendations (including lifestyle). All screenings and testing, including diagnostic imaging scans, if any, are based on an assessment of each person's risk factors in conjunction with recently published scientific research which provides specific recommendations for certain high risk individuals.

Our comprehensive and visionary facility is dedicated to excellence in care, healing and well-being. Please call to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, and take charge of your health!

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Your health is important, and we welcome the opportunity to help you heal.

To schedule an appointment, please call Beverly Hills Cancer Center in Beverly Hills, California at (877) 320-5131 or Click the link below to access our Online Appointment Request

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