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What is Immunotherapy?

Cancer immunotherapy comes in various forms and uses materials from living organisms to fight disease. Some immunotherapy treatments use genetic engineering to enhance immune cells’ cancer-fighting capabilities.

Immunotherapy uses the power of the body’s immune system to prevent, control, and eliminate cancer. As such, immunotherapy treatments can:

  • Encourage the immune system to target cancer cells while sparing healthy cells
  • Boost immune cells to help them eliminate cancer more effectively
  • Provide the body with additional components to enhance the immune response
  • Cause the immune system to adapt continuously and dynamically
  • Educate the immune system to tap into its “memory,” remembering what cancer cells look like to target and eliminate any returning cancer

What are the Benefits of Immunotherapy?

To improve their effectiveness, oncologists can combine many immunotherapy treatments with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or targeted therapies. This is one of immunotherapy’s most incredible benefits, as it addresses the whole patient.

Some other benefits of immunotherapy include:

  • Immunotherapies treat a wide variety of cancers, making this a versatile treatment that many people can benefit from
  • Immunotherapy has already been proven to extend and save the lives of many cancer patients
  • Immunotherapy holds the potential to become more precise, more personalized, and more effective than current cancer treatments
  • Immunotherapy has potentially fewer side effects compared to other treatments
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Am I a Good Candidate for Immunotherapy?

You could be a candidate for cancer immunotherapy treatments if:

  • Genomic testing reveals biomarkers positive for PD-L1 expression, high microsatellite instability, or high tumor mutational burden
  • You have advanced cancer and have exhausted your options for conventional treatment
  • You have non-small cell lung cancer, especially if it’s metastatic or at an advanced stage

Immunotherapy may reduce the risk of relapse in those who have had a cure for their non-metastatic cancer, but this is more common in lung cancer and some melanomas.

Why Choose Beverly Hills Cancer Center for Immunotherapy?

Our facility features rapid diagnostics, state-of-the-art treatment, valet parking, an on-site café, and many other unique amenities. This integrated approach minimizes many stresses and logistical challenges associated with modern cancer care.

One such challenge that cancer patients face is that cancer treatment often means multiple visits to multiple facilities. Here, in a single location, we will answer the questions about everything you want to know about your doctors, treatment recommendations, prognosis, and the lasting results of your therapy. Your tests are done here, you can get your medications here, and your treatment will be planned and implemented, all in one place. We believe this makes us the best choice for immunotherapy.

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