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At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we are proud to welcome our international patients with total care, catering to every aspect of your journey, far beyond the treatment you'll receive when you get here. We understand this can be a comprehensive undertaking, so we offer many services to help our superior treatment center become your destination of choice.

Many of our patients travel from all over the world to the Beverly Hills Cancer Center for the top treatment, the most advanced therapies, clinical trials, world-class doctors and state-of-the-art imaging center all under one roof. Because of this, your diagnosis and therapy takes place with greater speed, increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your treatment.

Obtaining a second opinion consultation

Asking for a second opinion is becoming routine, particularly when the diagnosis is cancer. Having a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis and the treatment plan can provide peace of mind that your diagnosis is correct, leading to the best treatment for your particular case. Our facility provides medical second opinions routinely for international patients who are aware of our reputation for being at the forefront of cancer treatment methods.

There are many reasons that residents from other countries seek a cancer diagnosis second opinion. Treatment within health care networks may differ and these patients want the benefit of an opinion free of institutional, or other cultural approaches, to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Doctor showing patient their information on phone

Benefiting from a different perspective

Having a different perspective is one of the many reasons that we attract patients from all over the world. People facing a serious illness want options. They also want confirmation that the diagnosis is correct and that the proposed treatment plan includes the latest breakthroughs in treatment. A consultation from one of our world renowned cancer specialists is sought by those who want additional information, to help them decide on treatment, particularly where there are several options offered.

Medical second opinions are also very valuable where patients have several medical problems that could complicate cancer treatment. Our only focus is helping our patients who are dealing with cancer. We are completely specialized in the field and involved in promising and exciting clinical trials that are usually not known in other countries. Cutting edge treatment protocols are fully in use at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

You have a right to a second opinion

Everyone has the right and responsibility to get the best possible treatment for any illness or medical condition. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, a second opinion can provide confirmation that you are on the right track. Often times, a second opinion can result in a greater choice of treatment options and sometime can even result in a different diagnosis. You can advocate for yourself by acquiring as much information as possible so you feel confident in your treatment and those working with you.

Our Care for International Patients

Patient in the waiting area

International Patient Testimonial

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Travelling to Beverly Hills Cancer Center

Our personalized support services for traveling patients will meet your individual preferences and enhance your care to the highest level – before, during and after your visit to our center. We pay special attention to you and your family’s personal, cultural and travel-related needs, including:

  • Interpreter/translation services at your request
  • Assistance with booking hotels, as well as flights and other travel arrangements
  • Discounted airfare and rates at local, high end residences and hotels
  • Assistance with visa facilitation
  • Travel arrangements by private jet
  • Personal transportation to and from the airport (LAX)
  • Private limousine and transportation services to and from your hotel
  • Private medical escort while traveling by air or ground (including travel assistance, oxygen, in-flight medication)
  • A soothing, spacious center with natural lighting, providing you with a comfortable and relaxing environment for your treatment
  • Customized physicals and health screenings geared to each person based on their personal risk factors (including medical history, family and genetic history, and lifestyle)
  • Personal entertainment, including Wi-Fi, so you can remain productive while you spend time with us
  • Our Zen patio, a restful place where patients can relax with family and friends
  • Our Energie Café, offering smoothies, organic gourmet coffee and tea, sandwiches and more
  • A guide to our city, with restaurant suggestions and entertainment ideas
  • Integrative medicine & wellness services, including acupuncture, nutrition, massage, psychotherapy and pet therapy
Beverly Hills Cancer Center

International Patient FAQ

What is Beverly Hills Cancer Center’s approach to treat cancer?

Our approach is unique. We treat the patient’s mind, body and soul along with cancer. Our cutting-edge medical technology and the soothing environment with the essence of human touch in every step of the way helps ensure the best possible outcomes for all patients.

What are the cancer treatment facilities available in Beverly Hills Cancer Center?

Our state-of-the-art treatment facilities can successfully address all types of cancer cases and treatments needed for cancer.

Can you offer a cure for every cancer?

Our primary aim is to cure every patient regardless of the type and stage of cancer they are suffering from. In case of advanced stages, where it possibly cannot be cured, we target it to turn into a manageable chronic condition. We also offer many clinical trials that patients may qualify for, for patients who may not have succeeded on conventional types of treatment.

Are there any alternative treatments for cancer available in this center?

All our cancer treatments are evidence-based. Additionally, being at the forefront of cancer research, our groundbreaking clinical trials are also promising better chances of survival and cancer management. While we focus on Western medicine, we also supplement treatment with integrative medicine modalities such as psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage, etc., and believe in treatment the whole patient – mind, body and spirit – not just the cancer.

Why should we choose BHCC among all?

BHCC offers all necessary cancer treatment modalities in one centralized facility. Our specialists as multidisciplinary team have earned due recognition and awards for their invaluable contribution to the field. Our unique model of care has made us the only private comprehensive cancer treatment facility in California not only for the US citizens but also for other nationalities looking for the best cancer treatment and support. Moreover, affordability of care and the soothing environment facilitating fast healing also makes Beverly Cancer Center one of the most preferred cancer treatment destinations.

Is BHCC easily accessible from the prime cities in the US?

Conveniently located in an upscale area in Los Angeles County, California, Beverly Hills Cancer Center is well connected by air and other modes of transport. It is just about a half-an-hour drive from the Los Angeles International Airport and a little more than one hour drive from LA/Ontario International Airport, California.

How long does a patient have to wait for a physician appointment and face-to-face consultation?

We schedule the physician consultation date as soon as possible on receiving the patient’s inquiry according to their convenience. Appointments can usually be scheduled rapidly within a few days.

What if the patient fails to show up on the scheduled day of their appointment or is late due to traveling delays?

Please provide notice as soon as possible, and we will reschedule the appointment as soon as possible.

Can I get the detailed background of the doctors?

Yes. You can go through the details of our handpicked team of specialists on our website (Under “Our Team”) and see their biographies in detail.

What are the other amenities available?

Practically, the list is extensive based on the varied requirements of the patient. Apart from the expert specialist support in the respective departments of treatment, the in-house amenities manned by our highly-trained diligent caregivers offer you the best physical and mental comfort that you desire. Basic amenities include valet parking, free Wi-Fi, onsite Café, and more, and our concierge services for traveling patients are designed to meet all of the requests of a patient – whatever their needs may be.

How the patient’s family can maintain communication with the hospital?

Yes. Family members can be in touch with the doctors as well with the patient’s approval.

Are cancer prevention treatments offered here?

We believe in empowering people to take charge of their health with important preventive tools. The risk for cancer varies with age, sex, genetic factors and lifestyle of a person. After scheduling a consultation with one of our physicians for a physical examination, and to assess the risk of developing cancer based on each individual person's particular medical history, family and genetic history, and lifestyle habits (such as smoking, diet, and exercise), each person will be provided with a set of custom designed cancer screening tests. Based on the outcomes of the screening tests, suitable recommendations are advised enabling individuals to have more power over their health can in cancer prevention.

What are the in-patient services available at Beverly Hills Cancer Center?

Our state-of-the-art in-patient facilities were created with a soothing and efficient environment designed for the patient, taking away much of the fear of cancer treatment. Comprehensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, the relaxing ambience of the uptake room, spacious and comfortable examination rooms, rapid lab and imaging testing reports, private infusion rooms with entertainment options, in-house pharmacy, the charming Zen patio for relaxation (for family and friends), state-of-the-art equipment and other integrative services (including massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy and nutritional services) complete the patient’s treatment experience to their utmost satisfaction minimizing stress each at every interaction.

What is the expected duration of patient stay in the clinic?

The expected length of treatment depends on the treatment plan required for the patient and their stage and type, of cancer, and medical history, and will be communicated to the patient prior to starting treatment. Our facility and operations work in a manner to give the best possible outcome and fastest treatment plan in minimal time. Due to our efficient and comprehensive center, we are able to accomplish complete screening, testing and results in as little as one day, which can often take several weeks to accomplish at other centers and hospitals – leading to better and faster treatment, and saving lives.

Does the environment at BHCC cater to patients with long treatment durations?

The relaxed, feel-at-home ambience with ultimate comfort level is what a patient experiences irrespective of his/her duration of stay in this center. We have many windows with natural light, beautiful artwork, and soothing tones throughout the facility. More importantly, we believe in personalized care each and every step of the way. We ensure that patients maintain an upright spirit in their journey to recovery by providing entertainment and stress-releasing activities as well.

What are the pre-requisites for treating international patients?

The specific requirements are notified to the patient in response to their first enquiry sent to our center. This may differ from patient to patient.

Do you offer interpreters/translators for non-English speaking patients?

Yes. Our efficient interpreters/translator services are always there for non-English speaking patients, helping them from the consultation to the treatment procedure, through their journey home.

What if the patient’s hospital stay gets extended beyond the visa expiry date?

We check this beforehand while assessing the duration of the stay. In rare cases, our visa assistance team is here to assist with the issue.

How do you evaluate the treatment outcomes of the patients?

We adhere to the highest industry and governmental standards for cancer treatment in the USA. We also set very high benchmarks in our treatment outcomes enabling our patients to get back to their mainstream of life as quickly as possible irrespective of the severity of their cancer. We strive to meet the satisfaction level of the patients with our integrated treatment and support care approach through regular patient satisfaction surveys as well.

Can I contact patients who have undergone treatment at your facility?

Yes. We can provide the contact details for some patients who have undergone treatments in our center, as they have expressed that they would be happy to speak with other new and existing patients based on their experience.

What type of concierge service do you offer in your center?

We provide a comprehensives list of services, handling any specific needs a patient may have, and the program can be customized to each patient. This includes expedited and extended appointments, physician visits at your home or hotel, private rooms, and more. You can see a more detailed list of services here: http://www.bhcancercenter.com/cancer-care/concierge-medical-services/

Do you offer airport pick up and drop service?

We do provide personal transportation to and from the airport.

What services do you have for international patients?

Taking cognizance of the possible obstacles that international patients are likely to face, we offer exclusive services for them. This includes assistance in visa processing, offering interpreter/translators, arranging high quality local accommodations at discounted rates, organizing well coordinated transportation service from the place of residence or airport to the center, offering private medical escorts for medical assistance while traveling by air or on road, arranging private jets, entertainment activities for patients and their families, and more.

How is follow-up planning done after the treatment for international patients after they are discharged from the center?

This is a very important aspect which is coordinated for our patients. Our physicians and support team provide a well carved out post-treatment plan along with the detailed treatment procedures conducted at our center. We maintain communication with the patients and their physicians for proper guidance so that they can get the required assistance without a repeat visit.

How can patients assess the treatment cost?

Our pricing is very competitive, and lower than hospitals in the US, as we are a private center, while at the same time providing a higher level of more efficient and effective care. The cost of treatment depends on the treatment regimen, stage and type of cancer, medical history and intensity of treatment. We will be able to formulate an estimate of the cost based on the patient's diagnosis and required treatment. The entire treatment plan and associated costs are discussed with the patient and family during the consultation and is communicated before treatment begins, giving the patients enough room for financial planning. Since our facility is a dedicated private cancer care center, treatment costs here are comparatively lower than other hospitals or clinics. Most of the patients are unaware of the cost-benefit logistic options available with us which can further help in keeping the treatment expenditure low.

What is the mode of payment?

Yes. We accept almost all medical insurance plans and also make sure that you get all its due benefits without any hassle. Our in-house financial counselor will also help you in getting the right co-payment assistance to keep your annual co-payments low. Copayments and deductibles are also lower for patients at our private center than at other hospitals – for the same exact services.

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Patient happy with his care he received

International Patient Testimonial

I want to share the truly incredible experience I had at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center with anyone looking for cancer care. Every single person, I encountered during my treatment here, from the staff to the doctors, was knowledgeable and helpful and truly cared for me — completely the opposite of what I experienced at the hospitals I visited back home in France.

I was recently diagnosed with Leukemia (CLL). I was so terrified because Leukemia means cancer. I went to 3 French hospitals and they told me they could not do anything. I did not understand their answers or why they could not do anything or any treatment so I decided to learn about my Leukemia for myself.

I called my very close friend in California, who I have known for over 30 years, and he told me to go to the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, since they are known to be the best cancer treatment facility with the best doctors, and they will probably give me different solutions.

I called and they gave me an appointment with Dr. Eli Gabayan. Dr. Gabayan listened to me as I talked to him about my great fears and worries. He was so comforting and knowledgeable, and I don't know if he knows it, but his face and attitude relaxed me and made me feel secure. I asked him a lot of questions and he answered all of them in-depth, which was very important to me. He was patient and caring, and I felt like he understood everything about me and what I needed, from treating my cancer to simply making me feel better and less scared about everything. In France, the doctors would just respond to me by saying "we don't know," which is the wrong answer to hear when you have Leukemia. You are scared for your life and you want to hear about being cured! Dr. Gabayan presented me with a few different treatment options that were specifically for me. I set up my appointment to start treatment and could not be happier with my decision. I was also impressed overall with the beautiful center and how easy they made everything for me, including help with getting a visa, and even help with getting 80% of my treatment covered by my French insurance company! I have already recommended 4 people in France with CLL to go to Beverly Hills Cancer Center. I could not be more thankful.

— Nicolas M
Traveled from France for treatment

Beverly Hills Cancer Center

Working for You

Beyond these comfort features, our Center is a destination due to our progressive, effective and highly individualized treatment. Our doctors are on the cutting edge of cancer technology, using every advantage that this entire field has to offer, and ensuring your personal case receives optimal treatment to promote full recovery.

The Beverly Hills Cancer Center is also at the forefront of cancer-related clinical trials, giving you access to the most groundbreaking procedures available. For example, we have discovered enormous potency in combining radiation therapy with immunotherapy, and the results have been breathtaking.

Here, in one location, you have access to your doctors, your diagnosis, your treatment recommendations, the treatment itself, as well as the ongoing results of your therapy and state-of-the-art imaging services. You won't experience the hassle of driving all over town to cater to each separate component of your treatment.

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Beverly Hills Cancer Center is a proud member of the Medical Tourism Association.

Our leading edge, on-site lab is another example of the Beverly Hills Cancer Center advantage, as it cuts diagnosis time into a fraction of what it takes at other facilities. Faster diagnosis means faster action taken, and this can greatly affect the outcome of your treatment.

Peace of Mind

Your treatment will take place in arguably the most relaxing environment you may find at any medical facility. We've designed our center around the patient, delivering unparalleled care, convenience and comfort. From natural light in our rooms to our own in-house pharmacy and internationally renowned physicians, you can expect nothing short of the finest in modern treatment.

Because we don't want you to sacrifice quality of living due to the distance you have traveled, we've made our Beverly Hills facility as welcoming as possible.

Beverly Hills Cancer Center

In order to do this, we offer a concierge level of service providing the following luxuries and more:

  • Private limousine and transportation services to and from your hotel
  • Around-the-clock access to your concierge physician via email and cell phone
  • Private chemotherapy infusion rooms, maximizing your comfort and relaxation
  • Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, coordinated treatment
  • Private care right in your home or hotel, including medical testing and treatment
  • Same-day appointments and treatment, including evenings and weekends
  • Extended visits with your physician
  • Same-day results, including most imaging and laboratory tests

For any inquiries regarding opportunities for international business alliances and development, please contact us by sending a secure email.

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Your health is important, and we welcome the opportunity to help you heal.

To schedule an appointment, please call Beverly Hills Cancer Center in Beverly Hills, California at (877) 320-5131 or Click the link below to access our Online Appointment Request

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