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Genetic testing and genome sequencing are a monumental evolution in medical science. Full exome genetic analysis provides patients and practitioners with a comprehensive and actionable gene map of an individual.

Your genetic code

The entire human genome (the whole of the information encoded in DNA) consists of some 3 billion individual “letters.” Only a fraction of those letters comprises what is called the “exome.” The exome is the coding portions of the gene that translate into proteins. This is an extensively studied aspect of DNA that includes 22,000 genes and is where 85% of all disease-causing DNA mutations occur. A focus on coding the exome alone allows scientists, doctors, and surgeons to discover and acquire clinically actionable data based on your unique biological background.

Depending on your age, gender, ethnicity, and environmental factors, your risk for contracting diseases is unique.

Experts predict 25% of Americans will know their DNA sequence within five years, with this unique information allowing them to take actions to optimize health and wellness.

What is DNA sequencing?

DNA sequencing provides an intimate analysis of all 22,000 of your body’s genes. Utilizing whole-exome sequencing and is dramatically more powerful and broader than tests like 23andMe, which look only at DNA in a few discrete locations. This more extensive coverage means a far more comprehensive look at DNA mutations that could impact your health.

Doctor examining a patient's DNA

What will DNA sequencing tell me?

DNA sequencing gives you more than just a glimpse into your potential predisposition to a disease. It looks at risk factors for thousands upon thousands of conditions, including cancers, heart disease and heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anemia, and many more.

This information helps you and your primary care provider center around diet, fitness regimen, lifestyle, and the choices that will most effectively address your unique health issues and contraindications.

This testing can help your doctor identify which medications may be most effective and which may elicit adverse reactions, as they inform you of traits you may pass on to children and ancestors.

  • You and your doctor alone will have access to your results on a secure server.
  • Full DNA sequencing can allow for a deeper understanding of actions you can take not to mitigate current or future health concerns.
  • As this next-level technology is rapidly expanding its frontiers with new data, implications, and advancements routinely discovered, your DNA sequence can be reanalyzed regularly to find out if and how the latest discoveries may affect your health, or benefit you.

Why choose Beverly Hills Cancer Center?

At Beverly Hills Cancer Center, our team of internationally recognized professionals is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced testing and treatments for cancers, including genetic testing and total genome sequencing. We work closely with the individuals we treat and have created a unique, private center that provides an atmosphere of comfort, support, and empowerment. We are proud to be considered the premier cancer center in the Los Angeles region, where you can expect the most advanced diagnostic tests and treatments.

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