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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if doctors could plan individualized treatment for cancer, heart disease and other conditions based on the patient’s unique DNA? Treatment would be many times more effective and outcomes would be more predictable knowing which medications and procedures would be best for that particular patient.

With human genome mapping now complete, doctors have access to the secrets of each patient’s DNA sequence. For the first time in history doctors can plan treatment based on the blueprint of the patient. Medicine has truly come into the space age.

What is personalized medicine?

Los Angeles is among the first cities to pioneer the use of human DNA in predicting outcomes based on using particular medications and treatments that match patient DNA. That is our Los Angeles precision medicine in its most elemental form. Patients with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other conditions can be treated with more confidence since their unique DNA blueprint forms the foundation of their treatment plan.

Doctors can also predict the likelihood of certain types of cancer using information extracted from the patient’s DNA. Angelina Jolie-Pitt is a famous example of using precision medicine to make a decision. Her DNA screening revealed the presence of a BRCA gene mutation which indicated a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Combined with her personal family history, she made a proactive decision intended to prevent future cancer.

What is DNA?

DNA is a chemical called DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. It forms a long molecule that stores our unique genetic code. The double helix, or ladder like structure, was first discovered in 1953 although the DNA molecule was discovered many decades prior to this discovery.

Since the discovery of the structure of the human genome, scientists have been mapping gene sequences to further understand how cells replicate and why cells become damaged causing diseases such as cancer. Cracking the code is an ongoing project but with mapping 90% complete, human DNA can be used in precision medicine to predict disease and potentially head off serious consequences. At Beverly Hills Cancer Center in Beverly Hills, personalized medicine is used to form a customized treatment plan that matches the unique needs of each patient.

Doctor looking at a patient's DNA

Practical uses of precision medicine

Using DNA sequence information provides doctors with a powerful tool in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. It also provides them with an ability to see into the future with regard to patient outcomes. While 99% of the genome is identical in humans, the remaining 1% is responsible for the unique characteristics of each person.

Everyone responds to stress and disease in a different way. Likewise the response to certain types of treatment will differ person to person. Personalized medicine allows doctors to predict response to treatment modalities based on their genetic blueprint. At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center DNA testing can provide the ultimate in precision medicine both in diagnosing, detecting and treating cancer.

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Detecting cancer

Patients with mutations in genes that are responsible for colon cancer can proactively schedule a colonoscopy at intervals designed to discover very early cancer. The same principal applies to women with the BRCA gene mutation. Depending on family history, frequent mammograms and ultrasound screening can be scheduled to insure early detection of anything abnormal.

Lung cancer and leukemia patients can benefit from knowing their likelihood of survival. Specific gene mutations in these patients give doctors the ability to predict how their patients will respond to treatment and what their potential for survival is given the treatment protocol suggested. Having this information can help patients make critical treatment decisions.

Knowing the risks

Using personalized medicine to help our Los Angeles patients is one of many ways that BHCC serves the community. Cancer is a complex disease process. Using DNA sequencing to create a tailor made program for each patient is one aspect of care that gives us the ability to provide outstanding comprehensive treatment.

If you would like to find out how our Los Angeles personalized medicine can help you, come into our clinic for an evaluation. Our state of the art clinic is completely focused on diagnosing and treating all forms of cancer using precision medicine to plan the best cancer treatment available at our Beverly Hills clinic.

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