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We Can Help With All Your Questions About Cancer & Cancer Care

At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we have built our facility around the patient. While this certainly applies to the physical facility, it also dictates how we operate on a daily basis. Your needs come first, and we’ve oriented our staff to cater to your physical and psychological comfort. In many cases, this relates to the logistical aspect of your care, which can be a hassle unless you understand every aspect of it. For this reason, our staff is well versed in everything relating to your care and can walk you through everything necessary to get your care started in a timely manner.

We also prefer our patients to be well educated regarding their condition and the proper treatment. Because of this, we’ve compiled materials to help you understand every aspect of cancer, including management of symptoms. Should you have any questions regarding these materials, our operators are standing by to help you reach full understanding. It’s all in the interest of a patient who is mindful and aware, which can contribute greatly to a full recovery.

We would be very happy to meet with you and answer all of your questions about cancer treatment and care. To schedule an appointment, please call Beverly Hills Cancer Center at (877) 320-5131 or Request an Appointment online.

You can also ask your primary care physician or specialist to refer you to Beverly Hills Cancer Center for consultation and treatment.

New Patient Registration Forms

Once you have made your initial appointment, you can pre-register online by simply clicking on the links below. To submit an interactive form, simply complete the form and click the submit button below. To submit a downloadable form, click on the form below, print it from your printer, fill it out completely and bring it to your visit.

Completing these forms prior to your visit will help speed the new patient registration process and get you in to see the doctor faster!

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Your health is important, and we welcome the opportunity to help you heal.

To schedule an appointment, please call Beverly Hills Cancer Center in Beverly Hills, California at (877) 320-5131 or Click the link below to access our Online Appointment Request

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