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Cancer Is Not Something You Need To Handle Alone

At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we strive to make sure that your cancer treatment is responsive to all of your needs, not just the immediate medical ones. We understand, for example, that losing your hair does nothing but compound the other effects that you may be feeling. Our philosophy is simple: if there is a problem related to your treatment, we want to help.

Here are some of specialized cancer care support services that are available to you here at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

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A support group can help you or your loved ones talk about the experiences that you are having with others who are have similar experiences.

Support Groups

Sometimes it really helps to talk about things with others who can really understand what you are going through. The Beverly Hills Cancer Center offers a variety of support groups and services for patients and their families.

More information and detailed brochures for these cancer support groups are available at our Los Angeles treatment facility.

Cold Cap Therapy

It’s a side effect that everyone is familiar with: during chemotherapy, your hair follicles are damaged, causing hair loss. This damage to hair follicles can be reduced by cooling them. At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we give patients who have to go through chemotherapy an opportunity to take steps to save their hair by helping them order the cold caps and instruct them on how to use them.

These cold caps are used worldwide in hospitals, and can be rented on a monthly basis.

woman wearing cold cap

Wearing a cold cap during chemotherapy can help to preserve your hair.


DIGNICAP Scalp Cooling System for Chemotherapy Treatment

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Spokesperson Amy Gibson

Hair Loss Support

National Hair Loss Spokesperson Amy Gibson is an expert at designing wigs customized for the needs of cancer patients.

Beverly Hills Cancer Center works with many wig providers in the Los Angeles area to help provide as many options to our patients as we can. Some of our unique support services include an onsite salon, featuring support for people dealing with hair loss as a result of their medical treatment.

We are pleased to have National Hair Loss Spokesperson and Innovative Wig Designer, Amy Gibson, available to help our patients.

Amy Gibson's CreatedHair.com and Salons, a beauty, image and health resource and solutions company for women living through medically-related hair loss, provides an exclusive line of wigs customized for the needs of cancer patients, as well as personal consulting and support groups through Amy's Wigs Workshops.

At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, Amy has created an intimate and private salon environment, in which women can be the beneficiaries of her exclusive and beautiful designs, providing the finest and most beautiful hair replacement solutions and options available.

Ms. Gibson is often referred to as the "Oprah Winfrey of Hair Loss" because of her insights, guidance and compassion for fellow women sufferers. Amy offers a service and product for women to rely on for real solutions as she addresses the concerns of women globally who are living with the effects of hair loss, seeking to renew their appearance, self esteem and radiant healthfulness.

Ms. Gibson's transforming of the wig industry with her "First Women's Swim Wig," and "Intimacy System," was featured on "The Today Show," "Tyra," "KNBC Nightly News," and in People magazine and Women's World.

Please visit CreatedHair.com or call 877.FOR.WIGS (367.9447) to schedule a consultation with Amy directly.

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At Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we are proud to offer our patients the latest medical technologies and to treat all of their health and wellness needs. This is why we are excited to offer DigniCaps scalp-cooling system in our infusion center. DigniCaps is the first scalp-cooling system to receive FDA clearance and there is strong evidence supporting the use of DigniCaps as a safe and effective treatment for prevention of chemotherapy-related hair loss. Major advancements in this technology have made this treatment an option that is not only effective, but comfortable and convenient as well. A sophisticated, snug-fitting silicone cooling cap with a system of sensors to ensure optimal temperature is maintained throughout treatment for added comfort and effectiveness.

Hair loss is a well-documented side effect of many chemotherapy drugs. Chemotherapy induced hair loss can be significantly reduced in many cases. The DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System offers you the possibility to keep all or most of your hair while receiving certain chemotherapy treatments for cancer from solid tumors.

This may include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and other solid tumor cancers.

Some chemotherapy drugs can damage your hair cells. Cooling of the scalp is a proven approach to reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss that has been used successfully by tens of thousands of patients worldwide.

The reduced temperature results in a reduced blood flow to the scalp area so that less chemotherapy reaches the hair cells. Hair cells are therefore not exposed to the full dose of chemotherapy and may be able to survive the chemotherapy treatment. In addition, cellular metabolism within the hair cells is slowed down. As a result, hair is less likely to fall out.

To learn more about the DigniCap System, please contact our facility or visit their website at: https://dignicap.com/patient-resources/

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