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As an addition to our extensive diagnostic imaging center, the Beverly Hills Cancer Center also includes bone density testing with the use of dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). The primary purpose of DXA is to detect osteoporosis in a patient. Osteoporosis is the lack of calcium and other bone materials per segment of bone, which would indicate brittle bones that are prone to fracture.

In the past, diagnosis of osteoporosis could only be done after a bone was broken. By that time, the osteoporosis would already be at an advanced stage. With DXA, we are able to detect this condition before it occurs, allowing you to know your risk of breaking bones well before the fact.

DXA gives us the opportunity to keep a thorough eye on bone density, should cancer affect it in any way. If it is found that bone density is lacking or diminishing, we can account for it in your treatment to avoid fractures or breaks.


The good news is that bone density testing is fast, easy and painless. There is virtually no preparation necessary before the test. There are actually some forms of bone density testing that can be done at your local pharmacy or drugstore. In the case of our diagnostic imaging center, we recommend you receive it from our professionals so as to receive the most accurate possible results.

Patient getting their spine looked at in X-ray

Non-cancer-related testing

While our facility primarily caters to patients suffering from cancer, our diagnostic imaging center is open to anyone who requires world-class diagnostic imaging for any reason. In many cases there are referring physicians who utilize our facility for our rapid and accurate results. Should you suspect some condition that is the result of decreased bone density, our doors are open to you.

Other reasons for bone density testing at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center include:

  • Female - Postmenopausal
  • Male - Age > 70
  • Osteopenia
  • Steroid/Phenytoin Use
  • Whole Body Bone Density with Body Fat Composition

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