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As a form of emotional support, our art therapy is used to help many struggling patients with difficult or challenging situations. Using visual art materials with one of our trained art therapist, we will help patients project their emotions into art. This form of therapy can also be used to help release bottled up emotions and give a new understanding towards life.

With art therapy our patients don’t need to create a fantastic piece of art and they don’t even need to be able to draw.

For patients living with cancer, art therapy offers a way to communicate and explore difficult and confusing thoughts. It creates positive feelings by encouraging patients to make art. It also allows for our patients to connect with other people who are in similar situations as them.

Our art therapy method can be quite helpful to patients who feel uncomfortable with certain types of talk or touch therapies. It also is helpful in supporting families and friends who are affected by cancer.

Although there is limited scientific evidence for art therapy, many health professionals think it holds many positive attributes.

These include:

  • Encourage patients to express their emotions
  • Helps them adjust to their changing body image
  • Encourage patients to be creative and self-confident
  • Helps control anxiety, depression and low self-esteem
  • Takes patients minds off of pain or discomfort

Our art therapist are trained to work with people having a variety of problems, including:

  • Chronic or life limiting illnesses, including cancer
  • Mental health problems, including depression and addiction
  • Relationship problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Learning disabilities 

Why patients with cancer should use art therapy

People with cancer can use art therapy to help themselves manage feelings, relationships and activities better. Our art therapist will use a variety of techniques within a safe and confidential setting. This is a safe way for people with cancer and their families to channel emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety about the cancer and treatment in the form art. Some adults and children find it easier to express difficult emotions and painful times through being creative, rather than trying to talk things through.

One of our art therapist, Mr. Khavarani has won numerous architectural awards and recognitions. His paintings are housed in many private art collections. By combining unique movements of color with a play of emotions, Kamran Khavarani helps patients create rare fusions of Romanticism with the abstraction.

Learn more about this amazing therapy here at Beverly Hills Cancer Center. Give us a call or email us to schedule a consultation with us today.

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