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What is radiation therapy in the treatment of keloids? 

When patients hear the term superficial radiation, they may be confused about its meaning. Superficial radiation therapy is a treatment that utilizes high-energy rays to eliminate cancer cells while preserving healthy tissue in the surrounding area. It is a harmless procedure that involves only slightly more radiation than a regular X-ray appointment. 

While this technology is often associated with cancer treatment, it has also been found to be a highly effective protocol for addressing keloids on the skin's surface. 

Patients looking to get rid of aesthetically displeasing keloid scars stand to benefit from this tried and true procedure. At Beverly Hills Cancer Center, Doctors Ari Gabayan and Armand Bouzaglou carry out radiation procedures to help patients address these concerns. 

What are keloid scars?

Keloid scars are best defined as benign tumors on the skin's surface. They typically develop as raised accumulations of scar tissue after one experiences a significant cut or traumatic injury. They can even form as a result of acne or minor damage. 

It is estimated that about 18 million people worldwide are genetically predisposed to developing keloid scars following some trauma. While keloids are not deadly, they can lead to pain, discomfort, limited mobility, and low self-esteem (as with any skin condition). As such, patients who struggle with keloids naturally want them to be removed. 

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The treatment process with superficial radiation therapy

Superficial radiation therapy involves penetrating the skin at a level of 5 millimeters below the dermis. The treatment is carefully designed to eliminate cancer cells while leaving healthy cells fully intact and unharmed. 

The treatment begins by removing the bulk of the keloid entity through excision (surgical removal). Once this step is completed, the radiation can be applied. 

As keloids are technically also tumors (non-malignant), superficial radiation therapy is an effective means of treatment. Beyond that, keloid scars are sensitive to radiation, meaning that the chances of recurrence are very low. 

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What to expect from the procedure?

Superficial radiation therapy is typically administered in a series of brief 30-second treatments. After the keloid has been surgically excised, patients return to the office for brief 30-60 second treatments (throughout 1 to 3 days).

Why choose Beverly Hills Cancer Center?

At Beverly Hills Cancer Center, we constantly stay up to date with all the latest developments in radiation treatments. Our practitioners have years of experience and training in their procedures, allowing them to correctly assess a patient’s issues early on and choose the proper treatment. Having proudly served thousands of patients in the greater Los Angeles area for years, the Beverly Hills Cancer Center team is always happy to take on new patients and help them achieve a better standard of living. 

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