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It is never too late to embrace a healthy lifestyle including choosing foods that are supportive to your immune system. Every time you choose a fruit, vegetable, bean or whole grain item you are adding a brick to the foundation of your health.

The appropriate nutrition is especially important in the cancer patient for healing, fighting infection, maintaining body weight, rebuilding tissue, preventing body tissue from breaking down and for providing energy. Nutrition is an essential, ongoing and active part of your lifestyle that we will help you plan during cancer treatment, through recovery and beyond.

Certified Nutrition Specialist Carolyn Katzin recommends berries as an excellent choice for her clients fighting cancer. Carolyn also recommends water cress as a “superfood” salad green, high in vital nutrients.

Our Certified Nutrition Specialist, Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS, has over twenty years of experience creating personalized nutrition plans for cancer patients as they journey through their treatment and for their future. She brings a caring and knowledgeable approach to this complex topic making personalized and practical recommendations for you and your specific illness. She also provides you with written suggestions to reduce treatment side effects and improve appetite, energy levels, mood, overall health and wellbeing.

Each patient receives a complimentary copy of her book, The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook, which explains the three stages in a cycle of nutrition and cancer, offering important tips and over 100 tasty and appropriate recipes for each stage. The information is arranged to assist those newly diagnosed as well as those who have been battling cancer for a while.

Careful selection of foods, supplements, meal size and timing can all make a huge difference in how you feel. Our Certified Nutrition Specialist will work with your entire team to assist you in ensuring you are fully hydrated, eating sufficient calories and maintaining your weight.

She may suggest you do a body fat test which is an accurate way to determine hydration and your resting metabolic rate. This is quick, non invasive and is a useful tool in monitoring your progress.

You will need a prescription for this service which is available by appointment at the Center.

Carolyn and the Beverly Hills Cancer Center were recently featured on the NBC Local News, discussing the “furious five” superfoods that can help prevent and fight cance: common foods with uncommon abilities.

Nutrition for Cancer Patients

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