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At Beverly Hills Health Center we provide comprehensive care to our patients who are dealing with the many aspects of cancer treatment. Our focus is on aggressively treating the cancer using the latest medical advances while at the same time providing support and counseling in nutrition as well as other therapies. We understand the journey that our patients are on and find that when battling cancer, the treatment is often the most challenging aspect.

Cancer and yoga

Cancer patients are discovering that yoga sessions, modified as necessary, help them to regain energy, strength and a feeling of calmness. Yoga is beneficial throughout treatment in many ways such as relieve muscle aches, restoring range of motion, and combating fatigue and stress. Many patients continue to practice yoga after their treatment is complete because they have found a life changing routine that is essential to their well being.

It is not uncommon for patients refer to their yoga sessions as life saving emotionally and spiritually. Holistic approaches to treatment are often part of cancer therapy and the practice of yoga and meditation is a natural complement to these. Yoga helps patients deal not only with side effects of treatment, but with the physical discomfort of their cancer and the emotional toll cancer takes on each patient.

Yoga and meditation benefits in cancer treatment

Relieving physical and emotional discomfort is accomplished by aligning the mind, body and spirit to achieve balance and harmony. Through a series of gentle poses, yoga helps to:

  • Purge chemotherapy toxins
  • Relieve stress anxiety and depression
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Strengthen muscles and increase blood flow
  • Restore range of motion
  • Meditation
Woman meditating

Deep breathing and relaxation

Guided deep breathing exercises help to clear away stress which provides patients with a sense of calmness. Being able to focus on family events, hobbies, work and other interests again is one of the biggest benefits of yoga.

Another important aspect of deep breathing is the increase in blood flow which occurs. Deep breathing causes more oxygen to be carried to the cells which removes toxins and delivers much needed nutrients to the cells.

Balance and harmony through yoga

Yoga poses naturally increase the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body which enhances internal purification. Yoga poses and deep breathing exercises help patients to strengthen the body’s immune system by relieving stress, and aligning the body. Cancer patients may need poses modified to fit their level of fitness but will benefit from whatever they can manage.

While exercise is universally known as an immune booster, most cancer patients do not have the energy needed to participate in sports or other regular exercise. Yoga allows patients to engage in whole body exercise that can be tailored to their specific needs.

At the Beverly Hills Cancer Center we are dedicated to helping our patients get through their treatment with as little discomfort as possible. Yoga and meditation gives patients an effective way to manage their unique challenges while providing a feeling of calmness and well being.

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